A Single Float

$ 49 / float

  • A single float lasts approximately 75 minutes.
  • Floats never expire!
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Gift Cards

$ 49 - 195

  • Gift cards are available from $49.00 to $195.00. They're the perfect gift for any occasion! If you're interested in purchasing multiple gift cards
  • please call 636.220.6327.
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Unlimited Membership

$ 99 / month

  • This exclusive membership is to be used by one person. Float as much as you like in a month. The more you float the better you feel.
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Practicing Presence Package

$ 99 / package

  • To encourage the incorporation of floating into one's routine this package contains 3 floats to be used by 1 person. The floats will expire 60 days after purchase. *Limit 1 per customer
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