Amanda Darling

This was the third float center I have been to, and around my 12th float. I loved everything about it! The space is clean, inviting, cozy, serene…exactly what you want going in and coming out of a float. The staff was really helpful, I felt very taken care of. The float rooms are wonderful! They are spacious and beautiful. The showers are awesome! Plenty of hot water and tons of pressure. The pods are bigger than what I’ve been in before, which is great. I love the option of light/no light, sound/no sound, and being able to plug in my own music, that’s a first! I can put in a guided meditation track or binaural beats, whatever I’m in the mood for. To sum it up, the Presence Float Center is a gift to West County, and I am impressed with how elegant and beautiful it is, and how spacious the pods are. This just became my new favorite float center!!

presencespaAmanda Darling