Our Float Pods

Meet The Float Pod®

  • Our pods are 8.5’ long and 5.5’ wide. They are engineered and manufactured with the intent of maximum sanitation without sacrificing efficiency.

  • The pods hold about 10.5” for water with about 1000 lbs of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in it. This makes the density of the water almost 3 times that of the Dead Sea! Clearly, not making it very viable for any living organism to survive.

Filtration System

  • When not in use, our pods are capable of 24/7 automatic filtration. During operating hours, our pods are set up to run its cleaning cycle promptly after your session.

    Every droplet of water will cycle through the system at least 3 times. That cycle begins with a 5 micron filter, which is 20 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

    Once passed through the filter, the water receives an intense blast of ultraviolet light. UV is a safe, clean, and effective method that ensures maximum sanitation has been achieved.

  • Finally, the water is passed through an ozone purification component. Ozone is an extremely effective oxidant that inactivates viruses, organic materials, fungus, pesticides, and other contaminants much more potently than chlorine.

    We meticulously track and record the metrics of the pods multiple times daily, which ensures a clean and consistent environment for floating.

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