Floating FAQ

The only thing you need to bring is yourself and an open mind. We provide everything else you need to have a relaxing and enjoyable isolation tank experience.

You are in complete control. Feel free to leave the door open and lights on. Since there is an absence of space, time, and sensation it’s difficult to feel claustrophobic within the tank.

It is not possible to drown in the tank. The water is only about 10″ deep and has a very very high density of salt. This water is buoyant and will support you regardless of your size or weight.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your float session.

You definitely can wear a swimsuit, however, floating is about minimizing as much sensation on your body as possible. Some also find the addition of a swimsuit uncomfortable during their float session.

Yes, many clients come in pairs or groups. It’s great to have someone to talk with, about your experience. The float pods accommodate only one person at a time, but you can schedule your floats simultaneously.

Yes, everyone can benefit from floating. However, we highly recommend those suffering from any kind of medical conditions to consult their physician prior to floating.

It’s possible to exit the float pod at anytime during a session. Whatever suits the individual user.

Sensory deprivation is the deliberate removal of stimuli from one or more of your sense. The removal of outside stimuli allows you to completely focus on the present moment and can be very useful for mediation.

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