Floating Basics

Floatation therapy is the process of lying in a pod of warm water (94*) with a lot (~1000 lbs) of Epsom salt (pharmaceutical grade).
It is perfectly acceptable to slip to and from this intense, relaxed state. With consistent isolation tank therapy sessions, one will be able to maintain this state the entire time.
The floating pods, also known as isolation tanks, are insulated against outside noise.
Float therapy creates a natural decompression period for the body to completely “let go” & allow you to experience the many benefits of floating.
One hour of float therapy is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep.
The isolation tank water is maintained at 94.5 degrees – this is considered skin-receptor neutral. By maintaining the water temperature at your body temperature there is no stimulation caused by the water, allowing your mind to not detect where the water touches your body.
The clinical term for float therapy, also known as isolation therapy is R.E.S.T, restricted environmental stimulation therapy & was coined by neuroscientist, Dr. John C Lilly.
Floating increases blood flow to the lymphatic system, causing our waste-maintenance system to operate more effectively.

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